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So what is there to know about Soulful Fox?

Well when I was younger I did a Music degree at Southampton University in good old Blighty and I loved to play different instruments. Weirdly I went into Banking very soon after my degree and worked in London at the bank Citibank and had the fabulous Strand at my fingertips – well at my drinking cocktails fingertips anyway! After not particularly enjoying working in a bank (being fairly rubbish at Maths for one thing!), I went into a long career in Music teaching which I absolutely LOVED. I was good at it and I loved to help children and young adults to appreciate music and study it at an academic level.

At one place I worked, a Sixth Form College in the North West, I had the amazing opportunity to go on an Electronic Music Production course and the college even helped pay for it. I learned how to use Logic music software and that, as we say, was the start of where I’m at now. I loved to be able to create beautiful music using samples, MIDI-created ideas and vocal samples. It seemed magical to me and I started writing with gusto!

What was strange to me though, was that although I love listening to rave, techno and house from the 1990s, my natural compositional style seems always to gravitate towards the more uplifting House style of electronica, even edging towards ambient sometimes. And so I gave in to this and mainly made sure that I wrote in that style. I’ve had a go at drum and bass styles and even some vocal house but I will always have uplifting music in my heart.

I hope you enjoy my music as much as I enjoy writing it