Balearic Island chills.

Balearic Island chills.

When I was younger I used to fantasise about going to the Balearic islands and getting wasted on cheap vodka and spending the evening in blissful oblivion. I went over there when I was 18 and did just that. I’d go clubbing at Pacha in Ibiza after a few cheap vodka and orange “slammers” and I’d wake up feeling rough but happy that I’d had an amazing night on the town with other revellers.

Now I want more than that – I want to be AWARE of my evenings, blissful from how beautiful the sunset is and the refreshing vibrations of the music in the background.

So I decided to write tunes that would lift people- take listeners to a higher plane without the need for alcohol (not that I don’t love a good cocktail or two!). The first time I started using music software, I was thrilled by how easy it was to stack samples on top of each other and it all sounded pretty good! Once I got into it though, I realised my passion was with chopping up beautiful vocals, adding cool effects and creating sweeping synth sounds and using orchestral instruments to create an amazing, uplifting feeling.

That’s not to say that I don’t love a “banger”! I love to compose techno music now and again with hard beats, harsh synth ideas and heavy bass-lines but my natural style seems to always lean towards the uplifting, deep vibe – I love nothing more than hearing the CHEESIEST vocal and turning it into something beautiful.

Hopefully this is something I’ve managed to do on my album “Energy”. I found some SERIOUSLY cheesy vocals but tried to make them ethereal and beautiful but with an energetic, uplifting vibe.

One of my favourite tracks on this album is “I Wanna Move With You”. The track is not currently available for sale but as a THANK YOU for being one of my subscribers I want to give it
to you for free – no strings attached.
Download my track “I Wanna Move With You”
If you like the track you might also consider checking out Energy .
It’s my latest album and I’m really proud of it.

If you’d like to hear the most recent milestone of that journey, click here to listen to my latest album “Energy”

Thank you for being a listener and for making it all matter.

Talk soon,
Soulful Fox

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  1. Matt

    I totally agree Soulful Fox,

    I’ve lived through my crazy days and now I’m looking for more meaning too.

    Very interested to hear more about your music,


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